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Saltwater Ultra Light Fishing games

As a promise to myself to incorporate or practice new techniques each year, last summer I decided to spend more time on practicing Ultra...

Where to go fishing in Croatia – Lake Zviriste

Where to go fishing in Croatia?   After describing two beautiful locations on the Croatian coast it’s time to present some of the numerous freshwater destinations...

Storm Gomoku Spinnerbait

In my previous article I tested some of the new Storm lures, shared some action videos from lure testing and wrote some impressions. Last and...

How to choose your first fishing kayak

Being haunted by idea to start kayak fishing for months and not being able to let that thought go away probably means it is...

1st Duo Spin Cup on lake Zviriste , Croatia

On November 5th , 2017 First Duo Spin Cup will be held at beautiful lake Zviriste in Croatia (Sisak-Moslavina county). The Cup is organised...

Autumn Pike fishing intro

This fishing outing was a great intro into upcoming Autumn Pike fishing season. If begining of the season was so good I can't wait...

Sea Bass Spin Fishing

European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) is a predatory fish that inhabits Mediterranean Sea, Black sea and eastern Atlantic Ocean; from Norway on north to...

Summer vacation on Island of Pasman Croatia

Long waited summer and summer family vacation is something that we wait the whole year and mine came quite early this year. Location where...



Testing some new STORM lures

Wilderness Systems RADAR

Storm Arashi Cover Pop

DUO Realis V-Tailshad


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