Jackson CUDA HD


Another big player launched a new kayak that came in 2017, loaded with features and little things that make life easier. New kayak on the market is CUDA HD,  coming from Jackson Kayak.

Jackson kayak is one of the leading companies that produce fishing and exploration paddle sports products. It is located in US, Tennessee but it has big global dealer network all over the world so getting one in Europe shouldn’t be a problem.

Jackson CUDA HD is a successor of their best selling model of all time CUDA kayak. With all the improvements seen, if CUDA was all time best selling, than nothing except a new title is expected from CUDA HD

When I saw walkthrough video I was amazed with a number of practical details and gadgets that come with kayak and are really useful and always within reach.

List is almost endless ;rod tip protectors, paddle rest, hydration system, weatherproof bag,  line cutter, 5 rod holders in total, mounting tracks, Plano box and seat with pockets, standing platform and stand assist strap, Gopro  mount, power pole bracket for easy install of power pole anchor and much more.

Pre rigging a kayak with all that can really mean a difference, so I find this a really smart decision.

Things that I like the most is that new seat loaded with gadgets and possibilities. It can move forward or backward on the tracks, it can be put in hi or low position, it has line cutter for braid/mono built into chair leg, and on top of that it has hydration system built into the seat with a tube coming in front so you don’t have to worry about bringing additional water bottles. On the backrest of the seat, behind, there is an also a weather tight bag where you can keep your stuff than need a protection from elements. Plano tackle box is also come with the seat, placed into seat pockets.

Gear tracks are placed on the sides, front, back and on the both sides of mod pod so you can position your gear anywhere you want without any future need for drilling. Except 2 flush rod holders kayak comes with 2 RAM Tube rod holders and 1 RAM 2007 rod holder which make total of 5 rod holders. This is another big thing that I really like. Gopro mount is also already there.

Tip protection tubes and paddle keeper also makes life much easier and gear safer.

Kayak is super stable to stand in. Leash for easy standing up or getting back to the seat comes with the kayak and the standing platform is covered with a marine mat which makes standing comfortable.

CUDA HD has a new, longer and wider hull for better speed, stability and tracking. I am not sure how they improved speed with adding 2 inches to the width (CUDA HD has a width of 33 inches) comparing to a previous CUDA model but I am no expert in hull design so I am not questioning that.

So far there is only 12’10 model on the market, don’t know is there 14’ model coming, but with all the upgrades on already very popular model and improved performance on the water Jackson Kayak has a new strong player on the market with CUDA HD.

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After falling in love in fishing as a young boy I never looked back. I am grateful to my grandfather for embedding the love and passion for fishing and nature into my life and for all the hours and patience spent fishing with me. The older I get the more I realize how valuable gift that was. Thank You!! My passion for fishing, sports, movement, nature and people led me to become a fitness trainer and to dive deeper into science of human movement, nutrition and health. After getting a long lusted fishing kayak which I was dreaming about for years a whole new world and horizons opened. With a kayak my fishing got a new meaning and is getting to a new higher level. Kayak fishing perfectly conjoined my passion for fishing, movement and exploring, making my bonds with nature and appreciating life beauty to become even more intense. I am looking forward to this journey, and as a father of two I hope I will transfer at least a piece of my love for fishing and nature preservation to them.


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