Where to go fishing in Croatia – Lake Zviriste

110cm Pike from Lake Zviriste

Where to go fishing in Croatia?


After describing two beautiful locations on the Croatian coast it’s time to present some of the numerous freshwater destinations in Croatia interesting for kayak anglers.

Croatia, being one of the richest countries in water resources in Europe can offer a lot to a kayak angler. Numerous rivers and mesh of streams cut through the country like a bloodstream, forming abundant water areas full of life.

While you can go kayak fishing on almost any river in Croatia, lakes, ponds and river cutoffs are often managed by private organizations/clubs with their set of rules and many of them doesn’t allow boats or kayaks.

Those rules have in mind protection of fish and wildlife and easier control of fishing activities, but increasing demand and growth of kayak and tournament boat fishing is starting to change things, slowly but surely.

One of the lakes or a pond that started running their lake open minded is Lake Zviriste.



After being plagued by poacher for years and sentenced to devastation, local fishing enthusiasts and strong advocates of C&R fishing decided to step in and save the lake. This year, in 2017 which is their 1st year since they got a license from the Government and took over management of the lake things have changed dramatically.

Great squad with open minded thinking made some major changes instantly. Poachers are being dealt with, lake is now pronounced C&R water and paddle or electrical propulsion vessels are allowed. Even first Duo Spin Fishing cup from the boat was successfully organized were 15 boats participated and had great results.

Thanks to its fish potential, beautiful surroundings and with the new organization lake is turning into Spin fishing paradise and one of the best lure fishing water in Croatia.

Fishing boat
1st Duo Spin Fishing Cup organized on Lake Zviriste -15 boat crews participated


Where is the lake located?

Lake Zviriste is located just outside of town of Petrinja in Sisak-Molsavina County in Croatia. The lake spreads over an area of 27 hectares (around 66 acres). Google maps coordinates are: 45.450029, 16.327063

Lake Zviriste


Lake Ecosystem


Lush vegetation around the lake and heavy vegetation inside the lake created unique ecosystem. Except being home for many small animals around the lake, dense vegetation that grows in the lake itself provides cover for predatory fish that just thrives there.

Northern Pike
110cm Pike from Lake Zviriste

Unique ecosystem with the help of Mother’s nature magic touch created some of the most beautiful colors you can find on Northern Pike and the lake is known for that rich, vibrant, colorful painted Pike.

Except Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass is another fish specie that thrives here. Hard, solid bottom, lots of submerged grass and plenty of baitfish makes Lake Zviriste perfect habitat for their reproduction and fast growth.


Although Northern Pike and Largemouth is the most targeted fish on the Lake of Zviriste there is much more to be offered. Perch and Pumpkinseed Sunfish large in size can be also found here and they guarantee hours of fun when targeted with Ultra-Light fishing gear.

Abundance of weed and heavy cover guarantees a lot of heart stopping action when fishing with topwater lures around the obstacles and over patches of water free of grass. Frog lures, weedless softbait rigs, spinnerbaits, Texas rig and dropshot or weightless softbait presentation in the „holes“is the way to fish this water during warmer period of the year.

Early spring, late fall and winter, when lake grass subsides a bit is perfect time to target pike with Jerk fishing lures, suspending hardbaits and slow presentation softbaits.

Predatory Fish species that inhabit the lake:

  • Northern Pike
  • Black Bass/largemouth
  • Perch
  • Pumpkinseed Sunfish
  • Catfish


Except lure fishing, lake offers exciting and very challenging Cyprinid species fishing. Dense vegetation will challenge even the most experienced Carp angler and guarantees adrenaline rush when fighting Carp or Grass Carp in heavy cover, sunken trees and sedge plant islands.

Cyprinid species in the lake:

  • Carp
  • Grass Carp
  • The Tench/Doctor Fish
  • The Prussian Carp


Even if you don’t have a kayak or a boat you can still fish from the shore. A lot of fishing spots around the lake and wooden bridges that connect small islands make those previously hard to reach spots available, so even spin fishing from the shore is real enjoyment.

Kayak fishing on the Lake Zviriste is special of course. I did some lure testing there so you can see some action and surroundings from kayaker’s perspective.


Daily angling license cost 15 Euros when fishing from the shore or 20 Euros if fishing from the boat.

Boat rental is also available, starting from 15 Euros if renting club’s boat. Private boats are also available for rent and the price depends on a deal with the owner. Guiding service is available.

Kayak rental might be also possible.

You can see more fish pictures or get more info on their Facebook page or you can send me an email if you need more info on kayak fishing or kayak rental on the lake.


  • Lake Zviriste, Croatia
  • Google maps coordinates are: 45.450029, 16.327063
  • Angling license per day :15 Euro shore fishing /20 Euro from the boat
  • Boat rental: starting from 15 Euros or more for private boats
  • Guiding service: Available
  • Kayak rental: might be available, email me for more info.


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