Personal Floatation Device that fits any budget


Repeating that PFD (Personal Floatation Device) is a single most important thing you must have when you go kayaking might be boring already, but despite constant repeating there are tragedies that happen each year and which could have been avoided just be wearing a PFD. Remember PFD is a must, no exceptions. You have perfect weather and calm water, you will be fishing close to the shore and just an hour or two? Fine, just wear your life jacket, period.

Reviews of the most popular PFD’s can be find on other kayaking pages so I won’t be writing about those, I will focus on cheaper one that fits any budget.

Finding a life jacket that has kayak angler in mind in Croatia and probably in most of the Europe is not easy, so popular kayak fishing PFD’s are something we can just read about. Buying one online from Amazon or US stores is not an option for most. Not so cheap PFD with added shipping cost and custom charges can climb up to 100% of the value of vest so that’s way out of everyone’s budget.

If you still have the same problem that I had or just want to buy a new PFD I can strongly recommend Aliexpress online stores. After spending hours in a search for a good PFD without a need to sell a kidney to be able to buy one I ended up with this life jacket from LIXADA Company. 

Personal Floatation device
PFD-Personal Floatation device


For just 20$ I don’t think you can ask more than this. Life jacket has 4 pockets in front where you can put pliers, knife, small lure box or a leader spool. There are 2 big pockets inside where I keep 2 small size lure boxes. Two strong hooks I found useful to leash a pliers or a multitool to keep it safe from dropping into water.

Lixada PFD
Lixada PFD

Lightweight and great buoyancy.
With multiple pouches, practical for fishing lovers.
With convenient detachable collar design.
Reflective patches and stripes for security concerns.

Material: Polyester + EPE
Buoyancy: 9.5kg
Max Bearing: 110kg
Color: Green / Blue / Orange / Red / Grey (optional)
Size: L / XL / 2XL (optional)
Dimension (Length * Width):
L: 55 * 62cm / 21.7 * 24.4in (suit for people of 170-175cm and 60-70kg)
XL: 57 * 64cm / 22.4 * 25.2in (suit for people of 175-180cm and 70-80kg)
2XL: 60 * 66cm / 23.6 * 26.0in (suit for people of 180-185cm and 80-90kg)
Weight: 720 – 800g / 21.31oz


After wearing this PFD during last year I found this life jacket comfortable to wear even during summer time and extreme temperatures. Movement, paddling and sitting in the kayak is comfortable, even with  pockets full of stuff.

When I got used to it I even started to wear it when I was fishing without kayak. Strategically placed pockets and security hooks made it perfect fishing vest during warm summer day when I often walk in the river and fish. Now instead of walking I just lie down and float from a fishing spot to a fishing spot.

After 1 year of having it I am perfectly happy with the vest so I can recommend it to anyone who is searching for a good and cheap life jacket.

You can buy this PFD here



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After falling in love in fishing as a young boy I never looked back. I am grateful to my grandfather for embedding the love and passion for fishing and nature into my life and for all the hours and patience spent fishing with me. The older I get the more I realize how valuable gift that was. Thank You!! My passion for fishing, sports, movement, nature and people led me to become a fitness trainer and to dive deeper into science of human movement, nutrition and health. After getting a long lusted fishing kayak which I was dreaming about for years a whole new world and horizons opened. With a kayak my fishing got a new meaning and is getting to a new higher level. Kayak fishing perfectly conjoined my passion for fishing, movement and exploring, making my bonds with nature and appreciating life beauty to become even more intense. I am looking forward to this journey, and as a father of two I hope I will transfer at least a piece of my love for fishing and nature preservation to them.


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