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I cannot say I am a knife collector, but somehow I always have at least 3 knives in my fishing bag or my PFD and will always readily accept a new knife in my collection. I don’t have expensive knives, but always in a search for cheaper, best buy knife that gives a lot of value for money spent.

If you haven’t heard of Morakniv Company before this article is really worth reading.

Swedish municipality Mora where Morakniv company is from has a long tradition in knife making.They have been producing sharp knives for more than 400 years so they probably know a thing or two about knife making.Knives are produced in their factory in Mora, Sweden which guarantees control over  manufacturing process. They produce blades from 3 different kinds of highly  praised Swedish steel each with their own properties:

  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel
  • and Laminated steel

Blades are heat treated in their secret process which ensures that every knife has a blend of qualities (sharpness, strength, flexibility).

Simple construction, strong and extremely sharp blade makes them reliable, quality product, and the icing on the cake is their price. For as low as 15€ you can get a great knife for you fishing, camping and outdoor activities.


I first fell in love with a Mora Clipper 840 knife with a carbon steel blade which came razor sharp, so easy to resharp and stays sharp quite long. Knife is so versatile you can use it for any outdoor activities and even basic bushcrafting. Knife is 15 Euros and I got so much more in this knife that the price would suggest.

Clipper was replaced by Mora Companion so that had to be my 2nd knife from Mora. Mora Companion is a similar to Clipper, but has some great improvements. New, ¾ stick tang length resulted in stronger and more powerful knife capable for even more demanding tasks and bushcrafting. Price is still in 15Euro range. Best Buy knife ever, one is always in my car and one in my fishing bag.

Morakniv Companion – best buy

For fishing and filleting they have another great knife

Fishing Comfort Fillet 155

This long fillet knife with a blade made of cold rolled Swedish stainless steel. Sharp, easy to clean and comfortable safe handle makes it perfect for your fishing outing. Price is around 35 Euros.

Mora Fishing Comfort Fillet 155

Their last, most powerful knife which is on my wish list is Garberg with Multi-Mount sheet. This powerful, full tang knife is designed for toughest tasks.

Morakniv Garberg

Garberg knife is Mora’s the most robust knife ever made with a new revolutionary handle material, nearly unbreakable. 3,2mm thick blade made from high-grade Swedish stainless steel guarantees durability.

Blade has a Scandi-grind profile that makes it easy to keep sharp and a ground spine compatible with a fire starter. Garberg comes with an option of Multi-mount system with a slots and straps for various additional items and can be mounted anywhere. Price is around 130 Euros.

Mora Garberg

Mora also produces fire starters from, all kinds of specialty and kitchen knives. Any activitie or task you need a knife for Morakniv has it. For the price you are definitely getting the most from Mora knifes and once you try one I doubt you won’t buy another.

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After falling in love in fishing as a young boy I never looked back. I am grateful to my grandfather for embedding the love and passion for fishing and nature into my life and for all the hours and patience spent fishing with me. The older I get the more I realize how valuable gift that was. Thank You!! My passion for fishing, sports, movement, nature and people led me to become a fitness trainer and to dive deeper into science of human movement, nutrition and health. After getting a long lusted fishing kayak which I was dreaming about for years a whole new world and horizons opened. With a kayak my fishing got a new meaning and is getting to a new higher level. Kayak fishing perfectly conjoined my passion for fishing, movement and exploring, making my bonds with nature and appreciating life beauty to become even more intense. I am looking forward to this journey, and as a father of two I hope I will transfer at least a piece of my love for fishing and nature preservation to them.


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