New Scotty Ball Mounting Systems


Scotty is coming with some new products this summer, introducing ball mounting systems in their product range.

With the new ball joint design mounts they upgraded their  great product range by enabling smooth and full range of motion, allowing for infinite adjustments  of both the system and desired added accessory.

The corrosion proof construction of this system provides a long service life in both fresh and
salt water.

New models available are:

No. 150 
Ball Mounting System with 2 ¼” square bases, stands 6¾” tall


No. 151 
Ball Mounting System with Gear-Head and 1″ low profile track, stands 9″ tall.


No. 152

Ball Mounting System with Gear-Head and Side/Deck mount, stands 10 ¾” tall.


We welcome new upgrades because ball mounting systems will definitely give even more flexibility to their great product range and endless rigging options.

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