Railblaza Camera Boom 600


For people who are not familiar with it, Railblaza is New Zealand’s company that produces mounting systems and accessories to marine, RV, and farming sectors worldwide. The company provides products for boats, paddle sports, quads and vehicles.

For us kayak anglers Railblaza is a synonym for innovative and quality accessories and kayak mounts.

A piece of equipment that became almost unavoidable for today’s kayak anglers are camera mounts. Admit it or not, everybody like to brag about, share their fishing adventure or take a video or picture of their trophy catch, so action cameras and other types of cameras, weather to take a picture or record a movie became an important part of kayak accessories. Cameras on kayaks play a big role on kayak fishing booming popularity, enabling us to see firsthand experience and gain knowledge from other kayakers.

On the market there are few different camera mounting solutions, and many more DIY solutions that also work great. The biggest industry leaders in manufacturing all kinds of mount are Scotty from Canada, the oldest and the company with big tradition of manufacturing fishing and marine accessories, RAM from USA, and Railblaza from New Zealand.

Each of these big companies have some really great products, but when it comes to a camera mounts, in my opinion, nothing beats ease of use and functionality of Railblaza’s camera mount, called Camera Boom 600.

Railblaza Camera Boom 600

Camera Boom 600 is made from hi quality plastic, aluminum and stainless steel which guarantees it will last no matter of heavy usage and conditions.

It has 5 axes of adjustability, and the possibility to rotate the camera in full 360 degrees, which gives you unlimited angles to shoot from, weather from behind over the shoulder, from the side of the kayak or in front of you with just an easy turn of the whole boom by turning it at the StarPort base. It’s like having a film crew with you because of possibility to change angles fast.

The Boom 600 itself mounts on Railblaza’s StarPort mounts. Camera Boom can be easily taken out and replaced by any other Railblaza’s accessories. StarPort mount is sold separately and comes in different versions, as a screw on plate, or rail mount versions.

I browsed through many DIY videos, wanted to make one for myself and saving some money but realized that building a quality camera mount that offers similar possibilities would cost almost the same when you buy all the parts needed. (Monopod, Ram or Scotty parts for moving angles etc).

IF you are looking for a great, reliable and functional camera mount, which gives you almost unlimited freedom of changing the angles and camera positions with ease I can highly recommend Railblaza’s Camera Boom 600.



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