Sea Bass compilation 2017


Although didn’t  go kayak fishing as much as expected, this summer was one of the best. Spent a lot of quality time with my children and wife of course. Children finally showed some interest for fishing, following me on every step so I was more than delighted to teach them a thing or two, to have helpers and a great company. We all learned a lot, had ton of fun and enjoyed great fresh seafood. Kayak was mostly used as a beach fun, and a transport to a far end of an island to pick some wild grown culinary herbs which I also enjoy doing. (video on that will be published).

Nevertheless fishing was great and really successful for catching Sea Bass which was in focus this year. Tested some new lures, learned a thing or two and looking forward to my next saltwater outing.

Enjoy the compilation of some Sea Bass catches for the end. Tight Lines!


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