Storm Arashi Cover Pop


At ICAST , the biggest fishing industry trade show; fishing tackle, fishing kayak , apparel and fishing gadget companies present their new products and innovations for coming season, their best of the best.

For anglers this show is like public holiday, like waiting for Santa to come to town. I was offered a job in a tackle store more than once after spending 3 hours at bigger tackle shop, so for ICAST I would probably need a camping gear. Luckily enough (for my wife) flying to ICAST from Europe is expensive enough to make it almost impossible.

It’s hard to mention everything presented at ICAST 2017 in Orlando. With so many new lures and gear worth mentioning, there are products that always grab special attention.

As a topwater fishing addict, like most of us are, it is hard not to notice new topwater lure coming from Storm.

Storm Arashi Cover Pop

Storm Arashi Cover Pop is a new family member to their topwater lure lineup, which grew substantially in a recent years , either by introduction of new exciting models or different  lure sizes, covering every aspect of topwater fishing.


Now with the introduction of Storm Arashi Cover Pop they went step further and created hard to beat topwater lure which already created buzz in bass fishing circles. Lure is a mixture of walker and popper; it walks splashes and pops, depending on your presentation of the lure.

What makes this lure so highly praised already is its design that enables you to walk, pop it and bring it to life with minimal movement forward, which means lure stays in the strike zone for a long time. Because of that Storm Arashi Cover Pop works best when casted in front of heavy cover and weed islands where you can present it like a struggling baitfish without leaving a strike zone as fast as many other topwater walkers/poppers.

I have been fishing successfully with their topwater lineup this whole year, covering all possible situations, from saltwater fishing on sea predators to ultra light fishing in rivers and creeks for Chub, so I have no doubt that this lure will be a valuable upgrade to any topwater lure box and a go to lure in many situations.


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