Storm Gomoku Spinnerbait


In my previous article I tested some of the new Storm lures, shared some action videos from lure testing and wrote some impressions.

Last and the latest lure from Storm we got for testing is Storm Gomoku Spinnerbait.


Storm Gomoku Spinnerbait is Storm’s latest addition to their Gomoku lure series family and a welcome add-on to their growing metal lure assortment. Although smaller in size compared to many other spinnerbaits on the market it casts far, much further than expected, despite body length of only 10cm and weight of 11 grams. Reason for that lies in its pivoting wire design that shifts to favorable aerodynamics position during the cast.

After hitting the water and upon retrieval the pivoting wire system re-adjusts automatically underwater, stopping it from getting snagged up in structure; and positioning the blade and premium VMC hook at optimal angle for greater hookup potential.

From our testing experience hookup ratio we got is really great, as well as casting distance. Because its small size it produced a fish on a days when fish was not aggressive and was more lethargic.

It is also great to have one on a pressured water where  presentation and more subtle approach plays a big role. Single small Colorado blade also adds to a possibility of finesse presentation and adds possibility to work it really slow if needed.

I was testing Storm’s spinnerbait in the middle of the Pike fishing season, late autumn with a great sucess. I believe this small spinnerbait will also give a good result on smaller size Black Bass in Europe and produce better results than regular big spinnerbaits. (Smaller size comparing to size of the Bass in the USA)

It didn’t take long for this little spinnerbait to earn a spot in my lure box so you can expect more detailed report next year. Till than check some scenes from testing it.


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