Testing some new STORM lures


As Northern Pike season is warming up we got some newer stuff from Storm just at the right time and put it to test on our Croatian waters.

Storm launched bunch of new products recently and filled they lure arsenal with lures that cover all aspects of fishing, from hard baits, soft baits, their hybrid baits (best of both worlds, hard-soft bait mixture), to even metal baits which is a newest Storm thing (spinner, buzzbait and spinnerbait). On top of that they even launched the whole series of jigs for Slow and Fast pitch saltwater fishing techniques.

Best of all, tradition of making reliable, quality lures with great proven action that catch fish not only stayed the same but became even better and more versatile with so many new add-ons to cover every possible situation on the water. We put some of them to test vs. Pike.

Storm R.I.P. Spinner Tail

When nothing else works it usually pays off to go back to basics, so one of the latest Storm’s add-ons R.I.P. Spinner Tail is pleasant surprise. Storm’s basics on steroids is made of big inline spinning blade in combination with oversized curly tail makes it deadly combination for any Pike.


Storm R.I.P. Spinner Tail

Storm Split Tail Seeker Shad

Proven for Pike and irresistible with its two tail action, Storm Split Tail Seeker Shad got a 14 cm version recently which we tested. Its suspending properties and slow sinking makes it perfect for shallow water with weed-beds where it just glides over the weed. Perfect lure for extra slow presentations.


Storm 360GT Searchbait


360GT Searchbait hit the market earlier this year and it soon became a standard lure in my lure box. What I really like about this lure is its tail action. In my opinion lure is not too aggressive, but still perfectly imitates wounded fish and gives plenty of action and vibration.

It comes rigged with a factory jig head with internal rattle and there is also an option with a weedless jig head which is great in not so dense cover. What I’ve been using with a lot of success this year when fishing in heavy weed, water lilies or cover is a 360GT Searchbait rigged just on weightless Worm hook.

Doesn’t lose action or rotates, still casts a mile, even being rigged weightless while giving 100% weedless mount. It’s hard to beat that tail action when lure glides on top of water lilies and creating so much water disturbance when jumping from on lily to another.


Storm 360GT Searchbait mounted on weightless worm hook.



Pike season has just started so we are looking forward to make further test on toothy creatures. There are also some competitions ahead and these 3 lures will sure have a spot in my lure box.






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